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Join an Indoor Walking Club

JustLoveWalkingGroupWalkingClubNeed some companionship to keep the walking spirit alive? Join an indoor walking club to walk more comfortably on those snowy, rainy or very cold days of winter!

I joined our local park district walking club where we walk around the park district gym each day for an hour or so…and all I pay is about $2.50 a month!

It’s so great to get some walking in with fellow walking enthusiasts in a comfortable environment away from the snow, rain or extreme weather!

Sooo…first of all we have an entire full-sized gym to walk in—yes!

JustLoveWalking GymMaybe that seems like overkill for a small group, but it really comes in handy when you consider that members have different walking speeds. For example, I like to change it up by walking double time and then slowing down to medium walking speed–interval speed walking!

And then it’s also fun to do some syncopations…maybe even throw in some salsa and cha-cha steps here and there to pick up and pace and have some fun! To do that you have to move in towards the middle to not disrupt others taking the long outside loop—not a problem! We all have plenty of room, there are no distracting rocks, no uneven terrain considerations, no snow, no ice and of course it’s nice and warm too!

So even though you may not actually walk “with” a partner or as a group, you’re still in the company of fellow walkers and can feel a sense of camaraderie even without pacing speed with anyone else, or even talking to one another!  Of course is you want to find a buddy to walk with, well you can do that too!

Once you’ve completed your walking, you can do a few toning exercises and all of your back, leg and arm stretches in the comfort of a heated gym, then change shoes and bundle up to walk to your car–how cool is that?  (And if you happen to need to facilities during your walk workout, well they’re just a few steps away from the gym…rest rooms and a water fountain are right there whenever you need them–another bonus).

I don’t really miss walking outdoors these days, yet I know once the weather is warm enough that I’ll be good and ready to get back outside to enjoy the beautiful outdoors when I walk!

Enjoy walking with a local indoor walking club—you’ll get your walking in even if it’s snowing or raining and then you’ll be in shape for some serious walking excursions outside when that inviting warm spring weather calls!

Sandra – JustLoveWalking

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  1. I am looking for walking club that operate indoors and out doors. I am in Stone Mountain and I would love to have a group to walk with a couple days a week. I love to walk more so than any other type of exercise.

    Please reply if you have an idea what I can do.

    • Hi Rosa,

      I’m always glad to hear from readers who are exploring options for more walking–thanks for stopping by!

      Regarding a walking club for indoor and outdoor walking, I think your best bet would be to inquire at your local park district.
      There might be a walking club already in existence which you could join. If not, the park district might be able to help you find
      a local club or organization that host’s a local walking group that you could be a part of.

      You could also start your own walking group by inviting friends & neighbors to walk with you at some popular local outdoor and indoor venues, too!

      Wishing you all the best! Happy walking!

      -Sandra – JustLoveWalking

  2. Where is indoor walking club in Merrimack Valley area

    • Hi Diane,

      Since I’m not familiar with your location, I would suggest calling your local District Parks & Recreation office for information about any walking clubs in your area. My walking club takes place in our local park district’s main gym 5 days a week during certain hours. Perhaps your park district may have a similar program or could suggest other options for you–the director there might have more specific info on local clubs or get-togethers available for you.

      Sorry to not have any further detailed info for you–let us know what you find out.
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment:)

      Wishing you the best and happy walking in 2016!

      -Sandra – JustLoveWalking

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