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JLW 003 – Rock that Walk!

JLW 003 - Rock that Walk!

Are you ready to Rock and Roll? Well, come on…who isn’t? So come join me to Rock that Walk! It’s a rock and roll experience that just might save your mortal soul–ha-ha! The Just Love Walking Show: JLW 003 – Rock that Walk, is my salute to Rock and Roll music, something I’ve loved since…um…well, forever, I guess!  It’s a driving mix of percussion and rhythmic wailing guitar, with a few cool funky “get down”

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JLW 002 – Walk with a Latin Beat

JLW 002 - Walk with a Latin Beat

HOLA!  The Hot-Hot Just Love Walking LATIN MUSIC Podcast is here–Olé! This Just Love Walking Show:  JLW 002 – WALK with a Latin Beat, is my tribute to Latin Dance Music*—the perfect upbeat accompaniment for walking!  It’s a lively energizing mix of Latin music in the 120 BPM up to 140 BPM range, with interval speeds! You’ll find the passionate rhythms hard to resist! I’ve highlighted Tango in this Latin dance music mix because of it’s Latin origin, captivating ambiance, walking-conducive

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JLW 001 – Take a Tropical Walk Vacation

JLW 001 - Take a Tropical Walk Vacation

The FIRST Just Love Walking Show/Podcast is HERE! On this Just Love Walking Show:  JLW 001 – Take a Tropical Walk Vacation I explore one of my favorite reasons to walk…to take an invigorating and relaxing break from the daily grind! Much like taking a tropical vacation, you can be happy & relaxed…tap your fingers & move your feet to a lively beat and bask in the warm glow of tropical happy thoughts and a re-energized spirit, as you walk along your way!

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Welcome to My Podcasts

Welcome to My Podcasts

Hello!   Welcome!     Come on in!        Tune in!   Welcome to my podcasts for JustLoveWalking!  I hope that my podcasts will encourage you to: Get Started with more Walking (if you want to ramp up your walking), Continue Walking as often as you can (if you already walk quite a bit), Put more PIZAZZ into your Walking …so we can Just Love Walking together! I’ll be suggesting ideas to make your walking experience a happier place to be & encouraging

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