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Winterscape Dance Walking at home!

justLoveWalking-winter-window-edFrom my sheltered coziness inside, peering out to a winter wonderland…

Yes..this is my most enjoyed way to appreciate nature these days—from the heated indoors, through my picture windows…how about you?

Most of the sidewalks are still piled with snow in our area, so what better way to continue my love of walking than walking around the house!

To enjoy the winter wonderland, I just stand in view of a full-sized window (a patio window’s best), grab my headphones and I’m leading the dance walk parade to my own favorite music, while reveling in the glorious winter landscape!

There’s something magical about looking at a snow-covered landscape, the birds…

…the squirrels, the snowflakes blowing one way, then another, or just silently and steadily descending to rest JustLoveWalking-Winterscape-Blue-Birdon a branch, a windowsill or below.  Window watching the snowscape is almost like being outside…the beauty, the wonder…except for one big advantage–no biting cold air in your face (and we’ve had some extended subzero weather recently with wind chills of 40+ below zero)!  Plus, you have the freedom to wear your light ‘n comfy workout gear instead of layering up with serious outerwear!

So when it’s really cold, just stay indoors—that’s OK!  But put your headphones on, pump up the tunes, choose your favorite window view and GO!  Walk in place, forward and back, figure eight, some continental grapevines left & right—if the music calls for it put a little kick, a bump, a shimmy in here and there…raise your arms over your head, wave them around!  You can also do some arm exercises too, circles, swing your arms out forward and back, up and down—whatever you want!

Have fun with it—make up your own little routine as you go! Or freestyle to shadow the unpredictable melody of a solo instrument, or the steady beat of the drum!  It’s your own original “winterscape dance walk” and nobody’s watching you!

So give it your own special personal signature—be as nutty as you like! Even break out a crazy dance sequence to one of your all-time irresistible favorite songs!

Who says it can’t be fun to be “stuck indoors” on a wintry day!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Not I!  Come join me in a winterscape dance walk!  Now if you feel silly (and who doesn’t, we’re all afraid of looking ridiculous) just laugh it off and keep going!

You’ll come away from the “dance walk” feeling relaxed and renewed—you’ll see!

Sandra – JustLoveWalking

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