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Walking Readiness Checklist

Are you ready to go walking?

Here’s a Walking Readiness Checklist:  shoes, socks, clothing, accessories, water, for comfort & ease when you’re out & about on your walk!  Check it out!

  1. Shoes – Wear shoes that are well-fitting, flexible, light, have arch support, some cushioning and non-flared, flat heels (for easy heel lead strides).
  2. Socks – Wear moisture wicking socks to keep your feet dry.
  3. Clothing – Dress in light, weather appropriate layers that provide protection from wind, cold air & sun. Have head cover available (hood or hat), too.
  4. Accessories – If needed, bring some lip balm, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a light cross-shoulder, or waist pack for small items (including your keys, a few dollars, cell phone/mp3 player), or have zippered pockets to secure them in.
  5. Water – Make sure you’re hydrated before you leave and if you’re going to be out for 30 minutes or more, bring along a small bottle of water, too!

That’s the checklist! More details to follow in my

The choice is yours and the time is now! Start Walking More Today!

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Why Walk? What are the Benefits?

How does walking enhance your life? How can you integrate walking into your daily lifestyle?

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Where do you go to walk?

What are some of the best walking venues for day-to-day walking? Special outing venues?

Note: Please gain approval from your health caregiver before embarking on any new physically active program such as walking.

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