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Walk among the Wildflowers

JustLoveWalkingLavenderWildFlower-BeeTreat yourself to the luxury of walking among the wildflowers!

Every morning…

I take a walk around my garden to marvel at the sight of my own wildflowers playfully intertwined in bunches—each a different shape and color!

It’s like meeting new friends, each with a colorful smiling face, drifting in the breeze, glowing in the sunshine…

And then I extend my walk to the trail park to relish in the splendor of wildflowers in nature—fields upon fields of them radiating with JustLoveWalkingWildflower-mix-closebright colors, edged in greenery and trees!

I’m on an exotic sight-seeing tour, never knowing for sure what’s ahead!

The most magnificent sights overwhelm me with such wonder that I have to stop for a moment to snap a digital image in remembrance of that moment!

…while at other times I take it all in visually and mentally, every inch of it, to bring to mind later on to recapture the bliss.

JustLoveWalking-yellow-daisiesA lavish living carpet has been laid for me to walk through–I feel like royalty!

Each flower I pass acknowledges my presence with a nod or a grin as I walk by!

Of course, the lake plays a part in this Technicolor theater production by mirroring and magnifying the wildflowers that edge it in still perfection.

I know I’ll think back to wildflowers on cold snowy days this winter to come.

So make sure to explore the wildflowers on your walks this season and let their soulful beauty bring you moments of utter delight and peace.

I think I’ll dream about wildflowers tonight…

Sandra – JustLoveWalking

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