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Walk in the Multi-gen Community of Life!

JustLoveWalkingmultigenwalk310x466.jpgNo matter where you go for a walk, most likely you’ll find yourself in the company of fellow walkers of all ages…young, old and in-between!  All enjoying themselves to the fullest in their own special way!

While walking through the trail park today, I notice an interesting cross-section of generations enjoying a walk!  Some trigger flashbacks of earlier years, others I can identify with now, and some transport me forward to visualize the future!  For example…

I see a new father diligently striving to walk/run several trail loops while pushing a high-tech baby carriage…with a sleeping baby…yes, what are the odds?  Years ago that would be an oddity, but now it’s a fairly common scenario—how great is that?  We’ve come a long way!  I marvel that the baby sleeps so soundly while traversing the somewhat bumpy path with rocks, uneven gullies and gravel!  But then I remember taking my firstborn on late night rides around the block to lull him to sleep upon occasion, cradled in a portable bassinet in the back seat of my jaunty VW Bug!JustLoveWalkingYoungCouple276x383

I notice a young couple holding hands, walking slowly, staring at the greenery, talking, smiling flirtatiously at one another, then down—takes me back to memories from many years ago and to the recent past with my husband.  Some things are universal in their appeal across generations, I suppose!

And as if to confirm this thought, moments later I see a gray-haired man and woman walking the path in sensible hiking sneakers, also holding hands, then stopping to share binoculars to identify a species of bird.  I haven’t packed binoculars (yet) on a walk, but I do love to take photos of flora and fauna…I can see enjoying a more dedicated bird watching routine, identifying the various birds and their natural habitats, too…not today, but someday!

Suddenly around the bend appears a group of teenish looking women walking at a lively trot, sporting colorful sneakers and water bottles, tans glowing, joking and laughing spontaneously while checking their cell phones…ah yes…those were the days (without the cell phones, that is)!


A young mom and dad walk into view over a slope of hill, nervously watching their childrens’ erratic steering on training-wheeled bikes…

…as they follow protectively behind.  JustLoveWalkingDadDaughterBike307x230.jpg

I find it difficult not to notice these little dare-devils as they meander (precariously, but unintentionally) towards me, so I calmly stroll to the grassy edge before we pass—close one!  I think we all must have a memory or two of learning to ride a bike–I sure have a few and perhaps they serve as cautionary tales—ha-ha!

An ageless woman in spandex capris quietly jog/walks, smiling at the splendor of water, trees, flowers and sky, as she walks, then squinting into the sun (without sunglasses—oh my), as she begins jogging again.  I used to jog/walk a lot in years past (with sunglasses, that is).

But now I enjoy alternating between slower and brisker walking…almost the same thing, right?  I think so–do you?  The exercise benefits are pretty much equivalent.

What a great thing it is to take a glorious walk and to feel a part of life with so many generations of walkers, each of us enjoying an afternoon of walking in nature!  We pass one another (sometimes more than once), at times distracted or deliberately aloof, while at others smiling and nodding as though we know one another.
And I guess in a way we sort of do!

At least we’re all thinking a few similar thoughts…immersing ourselves in the joys of observing nature as we move along the pathway—feeling the warmth of the sun and the approval of the blossoming flowers and welcoming trees!

Please do join me for a walk in the multi-gen community of life!  And look around and notice people when you do.  I think you’ll find a sense of camaraderie, a trip down memory lane, and view into the future all-in-one…a unifying, heartening and inspiring venture!  Enjoy!

Sandra – JustLoveWalking

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