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Spring Fashion Mall Walking


Bring on the Spring!  I’m so ready to walk outside in warmer weather—aren’t you?

But…with winter lingering on, Mall Walking is still one of my best ways to get some “out & about” exercise and to shape up my spring wardrobe at the same time–for FREE!  Here’s how…JustLoveWalking-2-women-store-win-ed

With spring just around the corner, store merchants are highlighting the new spring looks!  And…OK, I won’t lie…like most women, I do love to shop for new clothes!  But if I’m on a budget, I use my “mall walk” activity as a discovery trip.

  • I cruise the storefront windows and in-store displays, to scope out the newest fashion arrivals!
  • I then take a mental note (and discreet iPhone pics) of trending styles, colors, shapes and patterns making their debut for the coming season, to “shop” in my own closet later.
  • By the way, I’ve noticed that bold prints, stripes and bright colors are all the rage and animal prints are still making the scene too.  So now I can dig out similar items in my closet instead of buying them all new!

You can always add a new key accessory, a scarf or a cute top to jazz up your spring look too—whatever your budget allows…much less expensive than buying the whole “look” brand new!

JustLoveWalking-colorful-scarves-edKeep in mind also, that a slew of winter items are now on sale for a pittance!  You might find that perfect scarf you’ve been dying to buy, but couldn’t justify spending money on last fall, for a fraction of the original price.  For example, this week I bought a black and white leopard print winter scarf on triple clearance, as well as some wonderful well-fitting fleece-lined winter leggings for less than half price.  It’s always nice to have something new to brighten up those dreary days of an extreme and ever-so-long winter, right?

When I return home I actually have so much fun “shopping” in the back of my closet for items that approximate the description of the most current popular spring trends—it’s fun to save money!  I’m always amazed at how the fashion pendulum does swing back again for so many fashion trends!  Voila!  I now have some ensembles that are “in style” this coming season without spending a dime, or at least for much less than buying a whole new ensemble!JustLoveWalking-Stripes-woman-2-ed

So please do join me to enjoy walking the mall with an eye to SPRING!  Get ready for spring with some clothes you already have, or jazz up your wardrobe with a few new trendy items!

You won’t even notice how long and far you’ve walked in the mall…and now you’ll be all ready for those warmer spring days ahead!

Spring is almost here—so make sure you’re ready to walk into spring with style!

Sandra – JustLoveWalking

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