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Walk at Work

What have you been doing to get some walking in this winter? 

Well…if the days just don’t seem long enough to get that walking time in, how about finding a way to walk at work! 

Walking outside in cold messy weather is not exactly what I dream about!  Do you? 

And dreary snow/rain-filled work commutes can make an additional drive to a walking venue almost unbearable at times. 

So it just makes sense to walk at work some days, right?

Whether you work in an office, a warehouse, school, or anywhere else, you most likely have plenty of hallways and stairways to explore. 

So just take a few minutes here and there.  Get that invigorating walking time in on breaks, at lunchtime, or even a few minutes before or after working hours!

Lately I’ve been working in the public school system, where I’ve found plenty of opportunities to get my indoor walking for the day! 

Up and down stairs, through the corridors and back a few times a day during breaks and at lunch, gives me a boost of energy for the rest of the day.

You could even ask some co-workers to join you, and make it a walking party.  Or just enjoy listening to your favorite music or a podcast on your own. 

Most modern hallways have large picture window on exterior walls.  So you can enjoy the view to the great outdoors as you walk, too!

So, why not walk at work? 

It’s a great way to dovetail your everyday routine with exercise.  And if you can invite some friends to join in with you, well the more the merrier!

Have fun taking a walk at work, my friends!  Happy walking!

Sandra – JustLoveWalking

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