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WALK while you Listen and Talk!

This being Valentine’s Day month…

…it’s the perfect time to WALK while you listen and talk to a loved one!

The ear is the avenue to the heart.  -Voltaire

Of course the best way to do this is to take a walk with that someone you love, so that you can walk while you listen and talk with them…see each other’s faces, the emotion in one another’s eyes and enjoy the view of nature’s beauty, or the wonders of a cityscape.

But sometimes with busy schedules, or when distance may not allow this, you can have a nice long talk on your cell phone as you walk!

My husband has been developing a project in another state off and on for some time, so we’ve found that although we may not be in the same geographical location, we can still have long meaningful talks over the phone. In fact we might actually talk more often when he’s out of town–ha-ha!  …well, just as much, anyway.

When you really listen to another person from their point of view, and reflect back to them that understanding, it’s like giving them emotional oxygen.  -Stephen Covey

I find that long telephone talks do require more developed listening skills, an ear attuned to the nuances of feeling in one another’s voices and it’s particularly important to allow each other to speak his/her mind at length without interruption, too–easier said than done!

…but I do actually find it easier to do this while I’m walking!

There are no immediate interruptions and I feel more relaxed and able to listen patiently, as well as to talk about my thoughts and ideas with freedom and ease.

It also allows us to brainstorm ideas calmly to find solutions to daily problems.  And then it just feels natural to come up with important action items to move forward to actually solving these problems, too!

I usually note these “action items” on my smartphone reminder app to make sure to follow up and to research any items that need further consideration, too.

So take a walk while you listen and talk whether it’s during this Valentine’s Day month, or any other month—it’s a refreshing respite in your day with far-reaching rewards!

Happy walking, my friends!

-Sandra – JustLoveWalking

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