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Walk with an Audiobook!

JLWnarrative-794978_640Is everybody ready to curl up with a good book on these c-c-cold wintry days?

Well, here’s a way to do this and get your exercise in at the same time—yes, seriously!

Walk with an audiobook!

It gives you something to focus on as you walk for 30-60 minutes or more…and the time just flies right by, too! In no time at all you’ve listened to multiple chapters of that book you’ve been dying to read, (but had no time for) and your exercise for the day is ta-DONE! Win-win!

Most public libraries have lists of best seller audio books available for download to your mobile device for free—check your local library out!

Our local library suggests that we use a free app called OverDrive, which allows you to sign into your local library, choose your audiobooks and listen to them all within the same app from your mobile device! Pretty cool! And you can’t complain about the cost—it’s free!

If your local library can’t provide you with audiobooks,   there are several websites that offer free audio books. is a well-known site that offers a good selection of open source classic audiobook titles for free download and also lists other sites where one can download more free audiobooks, too.  The downloading process in this case can be time-consuming (sometimes the books have to be downloaded in multiple files), whereas using the OverDrive app with your local library’s website, the audiobook access is only a one click transaction–easy-peasy!

In order to download the most current audiobook releases there are websites with monthly membership plans, such as &  The basic monthly plan for each of these audiobook membership sites is about $15.00 per month (after a free 30-day trial).  Considering the cost of movie theater tickets, or the monthly cable TV bill, it’s not a bad deal!  Try the Audible Free Trial [Digital Membership] @ Amazon!

If you can’t find the audiobooks you’re looking for at the library or at a free audiobook website, and you’re not keen on joining an audiobook club with a monthly fee, then Search & Buy Audiobooks @ Amazon!

OKAY! Now that you have your downloaded audio book file geared up on your mobile device, your ear buds plugged in and you’ve taken a look at the time if you need to be somewhere after your walk, you are on your way to a wonderful intriguing trip into book-land and to a great walking workout, too!


Set your mobile device alarm so you don’t wander off into never-never land for too long!


I feel that some books seem to lend themselves more naturally to the walking experience than others.

I like to listen to books that are more upbeat and positive on my walks. In other words, I like to listen to something that doesn’t require me to stop and regroup because of the heavy or dissonant nature of the story (but if that works for you—go for it)!  For me, listening to something motivational/upbeat helps to keep me moving forward more energetically at an even keel and it’s also easier to find a break point when I need to round down the walking session, too.

So, if you agree, my suggestion is to look for some popular self-help books, interesting biographies, mysteries that are engaging but not too gruesome—they’ll capture your interest and keep you moving along your walking path (or around your house)!

I like to stop at the end of a chapter now and then and switch to music for a couple of minutes or so, in order to rev up my walking speed with a lively energy-inspiring percussion-filled dance tune—yes!  You may find this a welcome break when you walk with an audiobook, too.

So let’s all learn something new or just enjoy being entertained with a story, a mystery, or whatever, by listening to an audiobook as we walk.

Walk with an audiobook! Get some enjoyable reading in and a great energizing walking workout at the same time!

Wishing you all happy walking and happy audiobook listening, (despite the cold)!

Sandra – JustLoveWalking 

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