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Cleaning for Holidays is a way to Walk it Out!

With the Christmas & New Year holidays drawing near…cleaning for the holidays is a way to walk it out!

The inevitable pre-holiday cleaning preparation for house guests and get-togethers is in full swing for many of us! It’s nowhere close to being a favorite pre-holiday activity of mine—that’s for sure, but it has to get done!

So look on the bright side…cleaning for the holidays is a way to walk it out!

You can actually get a good workout while doing those tedious pre-holiday cleaning chores and enjoy the benefit of the extra exercise as you whip the house into shape too!

Yes! Pre-holiday cleaning can be just one more opportunity for a “Walk it out” catharsis!

You’ll come away from it feeling peaceful and toned as your clean shiny house smiles back at you! And your holiday house guests will be thrilled not only to see you, but also to stay in a welcoming clean and well-organized home-away-from-home for the holidays, too!

Whether you’re vacuuming, scrubbing/mopping floors, shampooing carpets, de-cluttering cupboards and closets, or dusting ceiling fans and vents, along with detailing kitchen and bathroom fixtures, cleaning walls, windows or doors, you can find a way to makes these activities into a an alternate exercise regimen for that day.

That way you get your exercise in and a clean house, too–win-win!

If you have pets, you’ll probably need to sweetly explain to them that “their” rug needs cleaning and encourage them over to another area of the house for a while, assuring them they can have it back later.

Our 3 cats react to this in different ways: one will make a quick beeline for the bedroom, another will wait around until I actually start cleaning and then scurry away, while the third cat waits to see if he can chase the mop or play with the swifter duster! He does plead no contest and hurries off when he sees the vacuum cleaner being plugged in—what cat doesn’t, right?

OK–so now we’re set to go with comfortable walking shoes on and cleaning supplies ready.

Grab your iPod, plug in your earphones, choose your favorite high-energy playlist and we’re off!

JLW_carpet_640-edPick your feet up and march as you vacuum in long strokes to walk a few feet forward and then back, or do a lunge forward & then step back into place, alternating feet for your lunges—use the same technique with mopping the floors, as well! And if you’re cleaning carpets, use the very same technique with the carpet cleaning machine, too! Whoosh we go forward and then swoosh we move back, as we clean, mop or buff those carpets and floors—onward ho!

And any cleaning of vertical surfaces allows a chance for doing squats and stretches as you go. Alternate your arms for scrubbing with that sponge or cloth, or for dusting with that duster, in order to stretch both sides of your torso.

Now and then take a deep breath and stretch way up with both arms at the same time, then circle outwards as you breath out—do this a couple of times in a row when you do it—it’s relaxing and helps to keep your spine in alignment, too.

If you’re cleaning something while standing in place (like shining up a Fawcett), why not march in place while you clean? The momentum along with that upbeat music will keep you walking, marching, lunging, squatting and stretching in time to the lively music!

Once your house is clean and sparkling, treat yourself to a gourmet coffee or an exotic hot tea with a piece of dark chocolate, as your house smiles back at you for a job well done!


Ahhhh, yes…all is well. And now the cleaning is done–so you can have fun adding the festive holiday finishing touches–whoo hoo!

And also…now you can venture out into nature again, to enjoy walking outside during your last few days of fall before winter officially begins, or walk the malls to finish up last minute shopping.

Cleaning for the holidays IS indeed a way to WALK it out!

I wish you all a very joy-filled holiday season and an enjoyable relaxing time with friends and family!

Happy Walking…Happy Holidays!

Sandra – JustLoveWalking 

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