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Walk to discover signs of Spring!

JustLoveWalkingGrassSnowSkyLingering winter got you down? Try taking a walk to discover signs of Spring!

The past week has left me stunned with a surprise snow storm with 6+ inches of snow—whack!JustLoveWalkingTulipsSnow

…not at all what I’ve been dreaming of for the first few days of spring!

But soon after, warmer weather beckoned me outside to walk and discover signs of Spring!

Jonquils and Daffodils are bursting through cold ground and leafy mulch, announcing the buds of colorful flowers to come…soon, soon, soon, I hope!


This morning I was greeted by birds chirping joyfully in our (leafless) Mulberry tree.  They must know that verdant branches will be following soon, soon, soon!  I hope they’re right!JustLoveWalkingRobinTree

A cluster of Snowdrop flowers grouped together in protective bunches are winking their delicate white blossoms to signal the warmth to come soon, soon, soon!JustLoveWalkingSnowdropsDroopingCloser

And although there are awkward clumps and patches of that white stuff here and there, I can see the grassy carpet underneath braving turning slowly from brownish tones to green.JustLoveWalkingGrassSnowClose

I’ve spent wayyy too much time shoveling snow from our lawn to spread it out evenly and to transport it to sunny areas where it would melt more quickly.  (Can you tell I’m sick and tired of snow?)

I was thrilled to see grass blade warriors springing upward as soon as the load of snow was lifted!  I’m amazed and inspired by their attitude!  JustLoveWalkingGrassBladesWide

And believe me, there was definitely a sufficient amount of walking involved when moving shovel-fulls of snow from the icy snow pile to other areas—in fact, a couple of days this activity replaced my normal walking for the day!  Actually the extra weight-bearing exercise made for more of a workout, (along with my walking, of course)!  But I’m very glad to pursue other options than schlepping snow for my weight-bearing workout from now on—that’s for sure!JustLoveWalkingDaffodilBud

Soooo…join me!

Get out there!

Look for the new green things (or the promise thereof) sometime soon, soon, soon!

Happy Walking to discover signs of spring!

Sandra – JustLoveWalking 

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