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Intro – My Fitness Training

A snapshot of my fitness training…and what I do now! 

Gym people stretching and looking very happy

Like many of you, my fitness training and interests have spanned the gamut! 

Here’s a snippet of my journey…what has your fitness journey been like?

I’ve been a professional Ballroom Dancer, a gymnast, a runner, have run a couple of short marathons, taken classes in Ballet, Jazz, Flamenco, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Belly Dancing, Hip Hop and more.  And I still do Pilates & Yoga at home and enjoy a dance class now and then too!

Young couple dances Caribbean SalsaI’ve won a couple of gold medals in gymnastics growing up and later as an adult even landed a Second Place Trophy in International Latin Ballroom Dancing at a National Convention in Professional Competition!

I still LOVE to go out dancing, of course!

My favorites are Salsa and all the other Latin Dances, “Rocking Out” to a live Rock band, or “dance-jump-shouting” at an outdoor rock concert with my husband!

Woman in Bright Red Sarong and Scarf Walking along the Beach

But most of the time, what do I do now?

Well to tell you the truth…I Just Love Walking!  And I think that you will, too!

Please check back for Blog Updates with Walking information and ideas!

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So tell me about your fitness background–I’d love to hear about your journey!  Your comments are always welcome!

Sandra –

Note:  Please gain approval from your health caregiver before embarking on any new physically active program such as walking.

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  1. This is really a great website. After all I’ll be subscribing on your rss feed and I’m hoping that you write again very soon! Thanks and best luck.

    • Miyoshi,

      Thanks for being here and for your good wishes!
      Please do check back for more!

  2. Walking is a great exercise!

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